Imiola, a vessel with a rich history and a vibrant present, is a unique ship originally built in 1960 as an island support vessel for the North Sea. Over the years, it has transformed from a functional support vessel into a characterful and versatile space, playing a significant role in the German television series "Küstenwache" as a crew ship. Today, Imiola serves a dual purpose: it is not only a part-time home to a family of four, imbuing it with a warm, lived-in atmosphere, but also stands as a testament to its multifaceted past.

The ship's interior is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and functionality while maintaining a cozy and inviting ambiance. The captain's cabin, located at the front, offers a private and comfortable retreat. Accompanying this are two crew cabins, well-equipped and snug, providing a sense of seafaring adventure. The heart of Imiola is its downstairs lounge, a compact yet charming area perfect for relaxation and socializing.

Above, the bridge doubles as a communal area, featuring both dining and sofa space. This area is not just a functional space for navigation but also a social hub, where one can enjoy meals or simply relax while taking in the views. The ship is also equipped with essential amenities, including a toilet, shower, and a kitchen, ensuring all the comforts of home while at sea.

Externally, Imiola boasts a deck at the front and an additional one on top, offering expansive views of the surrounding waters. The highlight, however, is the beautiful hanging bench at the aft, an ideal spot for contemplation, relaxation, or simply enjoying the rhythm of the waves. This space is perfect for those seeking a moment of tranquility or a picturesque setting for photography and filming.

Imiola's unique blend of historical significance, functional design, and homely touches make it an ideal location for a variety of uses, from film and television productions to intimate gatherings and serene getaways. Its versatility and charm are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for anyone who steps aboard.

Type: Unusual
Available Equipment: None
Cancellation Policy: One week prior
Surface (in m2): 90
Maximum # of people: 10
Space Amenities:
Ground Floor
1st Floor
Street Parking
Private Parking
Studio assistant / crew
Infinity wall
Camera bodies & lenses
Ceiling rail system
Wireless flash triggers
Stereo Sound System
In house postproduction
Make-up area
Dressing room
Clothes rail
Iron & ironing board
Garment steamer
Coffee & tea
Kitchen facilities
Lounge / meeting room
Disabled access
Studio & spaces
Ship in Berlin
€200 per hour
Minimum rental time is 5 hours