【All-Purpose High Performance Video Tripod】Stabilize your camera/camcorder and take sharp photos and videos of sports, weddings, landscapes and products with this sturdy TP74 tripod. Double tandem legs made of rigid aluminum alloy ensure remarkable stability and a maximum load capacity of 8kg. The center spreader and non-slip rubber feet additionally stabilize the tripod in various environments
【Premium Panning Head with Fluid Resistance】The NEEWER TP74 tripod features a solid panning head with fluid resistance and integrated friction damping and compensation system. It supports 360° rotation and -70°/+90° tilt movement. The ø3" (75mm) bowl base with 360° scale allows you to capture spectacular panoramic images smoothly and precisely. A spirit level helps you always keep it straight, and the telescopic handle is easy to use
【Quick and easy mode switching】The fluid head has two QR modes that are compatible with DJI RS2 RS3 RS3 PRO gimbal and Manfrotto 501PL 504PL quick release plates respectively. Compared to the traditional slide-in structure, you can press the quick release plate directly from the top of the fluid head and lock it in 1 second, as well as quickly release the plate via the side release button to switch between tripods and gimbal shooting more efficiently and conveniently
【Easy Height Adjustment from 35" to 74"】Telescopic legs with 3 sections and convenient folding locks allow this tripod to be extended from 34" to 74" (86 to 187cm). The tripod can be folded to 36" / 91cm when folded and fits into the carrying bag for easy storage and transport. The tension of the folding locks can be adjusted with the L-shaped hex wrenches
【Universal mounting thread】 Camcorders, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras and telescopes can be mounted with the 1/4" and 3/8" screws on the top of the fluid head. The 3/8" threaded hole on the side of the head allows you to attach a variety of external devices such as magic arms, monitors, mobile phones, microphones, video lights, etc. to it

Replacement Value: 170
Brand: Neewer
Model: 74" Pro Video Black
Cancellation Policy: Flexible
NEEWER 74" Pro Video Tripod with Fluid Head Max. 8 kg
€20 per day
Minimum rental time is 1 days