Camera body with 4 batteries + additional grip with extra battery slot (if needed for photography).

Lenses available upon request (free of charge):
- Sony FE PZ 16-35mm f.4 G (Replacement: 1200€)
- Sony 70-200mm f.4 G OSS (Replacement: 900€)
- Sigma 24mm f.1.4 DG DN Art (Replacement: 9000€)

** If no lenses are needed, price of the body plus batteries and charger drops to 40 euros per day. **

Additional accessories available (extra cost):
- Atomos Ninja V (2TB SSD, cage and mount, cable, batteries, charger) external monitor and recorder -> 20€/day
- Small Rig full cage + wooden side handle -> 10€/day
- Rode shotgun mic -> 10€/day
- Ronin RS2 Pro Combo gimbal + 1 x single handle + 1 x double handle -> 50€/day
- DJI Air 2S Fly More combo + 4pack Freewell Bright Day filters -> 50€/day

Replacement Value: 4000
Brand: Sony; Sigma
Model: ILCE-7M3
Cancellation Policy: Flexible
Sony A7III + lenses
€70 per day