Rent by day Atlas Orion 3 set A-Set with EF Mount
40mm / 65mm / 100mm

  • T2 to T16,
  • closest focusing distance: 40mm T2 = 56cm, 65mm T2 = 84cm, 100mm T2 = 100cm,
  • Front diameter 114mm,
  • metric scales,
  • 31mm image circle,
  • sensor coverage according to Atlas up to 24,89 x 18,66mm,
  • in original hard case.

Price plus VAT

Ask for individual rental durations.

Replacement Value: 32000
Brand: Atlas
Model: Orion Set A (40mm, 65mm, 100mm)
Cancellation Policy: 3 working days before the first day of the rental period
Atlas Orion Anamorphic Set A - EF Mount (3 Lenses)
€170 per day