At the heart of my package lies the iconic Red Komodo camera, a compact and powerful cinema camera renowned for its exceptional performance. The Red Komodo boasts a Super 35mm 6K sensor, enabling you to capture breathtaking footage with remarkable detail, dynamic range, and color accuracy. Its lightweight yet robust design makes it ideal for shooting in diverse environments, both indoors and outdoors.
The Package includes: RED KOMODO Wing Grip, ein PTap zu Power-Kabel und einem Canon RF auf EF Adapter mit variablem ND-Filter, einen Drop-In Clear Filter, den KOMODO Outrigger Handle, das KOMODO Expander Modul, eine 512 GB CFast 2.0 Cardreader 2REDVOLT BP Akkus enthalten + V,mount Battery.

Replacement Value: 10000
Brand: RED
Cancellation Policy: Basic
Red Komodo Ready-to-Shoot Package Rental Unlocking Cinematic
€200 per day