The Panel GO Bi-Color LED Light Panel from Lume Cube is a compact LED panel light that packs a powerful punch for video, photo, and vlogging applications. It features a 3200 to 5600K adjustable color temperature, 112 bi-color LEDs, and 1 to 100% dimming in increments of 5%. The maximum brightness output is 1080 lux when measured at 1.8'.

Compact, slim LED panel with 112 bi-color LEDs
3200 to 5600K adjustable color temperature
CRI of 96+ for accurate color rendering
1 to 100% brightness
1080 lux brightness at 1.6'
LCD panel displays color temperature, brightness level, remaining runtime, and battery level
USB Type-C charging; can charge while in use
Built-in diffusion panel

Replacement Value: 100
Brand: LUME
Cancellation Policy: 24 hours prior full refund after no refunds
The Panel GO from Lume Cube LED bi color cube
€10 per day