The One-Man Band Kit

This is my standard kit when I’m filming alone. It has served me well in all kinds of documentary situations the past few years, and is also a great basic set-up for low-budget narrative films, image films and other commercial work.

If you’ve got someone to help you out, you can rent my boom pole and blimp separately to get better location sound. I’ve got other helpful add-ons like two soft boxes for simple interview lighting set-ups.

The kit comes with a Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW III camera backpack and tripod bag for transporting all the gear listed below. The backpack has a side opening for a 15” laptop and a tablet and a rain cover stored in a pouch on the bottom.

When fully-packed, the backpack weighs 7.2 kg and the tripod bag 4.5 kg. There’s still room in the backpack for your own laptop, tablet, hard drives, chargers and cables.

Most items in this kit can also be rented separately. Click on the item name to be taken to the separate listing.




  • Fotodiox SP LED 312 Bi-Color Video Headlight, 3200-5600k Color Temperature Rating, 10-100% Power Dimmer Dial, DC7.4- 14.8 V power plug, two Sony NP Batteries, magnetic 'snap-on' diffusion panel, swivel mount,
  • light stand (fits in tripod bag)
Replacement Value: 7800
Brand: Panasonic
Model: GH5
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up to 24 hours before rental date. For under 24 hours, the full rental price will be charged.
Panasonic GH5 "One Man Band" Kit - daily rate
€250 per day