• 3200-5600k Color Temperature Rating
  • 10-100% Power Dimmer Dial
  • Built-in Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Mount for two Sony NP Batteries
  • Magnetic 'Snap-On' Diffusion Panel
  • DC7.4- 14.8 V power plug
  • swivel mount for mounting on a lighting stand or tripod
  • car charger
  • travel case

My go-to light when I need to travel light on film shoots.

Weekly rentals are also available for €75. Pay for five days and keep for seven.

Replacement Value: 150
Brand: Fotodiox
Model: SP LED 312 Bi-Color Video Headlight
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up to 24 hours before rental date. For under 24 hours, the full rental price will be charged.
Fotodiox SP LED 312 Bi-Color Video Headlight - daily rate
€15 per day