28mm T 2.0 PL MOUNT
38mm T 2.0 PL MOUNT
56mm T 2.0 PL MOUNT
88mm T 2.0 PL MOUNT

  • Full Frame / VV coverage (DXL, Monstro, Arri LF)
  • Historic optical elements (Single Layer MgF2 Coated Primary Elements)
  • Classical lower contrast rendering
  • Ultra responsive to flaring
  • Interchangeable aperture disks (ovals, soft focus, defocus distortion, apodised, translucent etc)
  • Unorthodox optical designs
  • f/2.0 aperture throughout the range
  • Silky smooth optical characteristics
Replacement Value: 15000
Brand: Richard Gale Clavius
Model: Richard Gale Clavius
Cancellation Policy: 100
Richard Gale Clavius
€600 per hour