Canon C300 Mk II Kit including the following:

Canon C300 Mark II Body
4 Batteries (3xBP-A60, 1xBP-A30)
2 Memorycards CFAST 2.0 Lexar 3500x à 256 GB (Canon approved)
Cardreader Lexar USB and Thunderbolt
Canon Zoom 16-35mm 1:2.8 II USM (or other Lens if available)
Vocas Support with 15mm Rods
Vocas Mattebox with 2 filterstages 4x4, 1x to roll for Polarizers e.g.
Chrosziel Follow Focus
Hoodman Monitorhood
Monomicrophone XLR
D-Tap Powercable
Camerabag Kata 197 or Hardcase

optional extra gear:

Tripod Sachtler Carbon 100mm with DV 8 SB Head
Baby Tripod 100mm
Skater Dolly with 100mm Bowl
different Lenses 11-200mm
Set of Tiffen Filters 4x4 (Ultra Pol, ND, ND Grad., Tobacco Grad.)
Soundset incl. Røde Mic w. Boom, Sennheisser Lav. wireless, Headphones etc.
2 X LED-Lights 1x1 with Softboxes, Tripods and Ground-Stands
Set V-Mount-Set for LEDs (4 x 150Wh with Charger)
Canon 7D Mk II with Batteries and Lenses
GoPro Hero 6

Replacement Value: 12000
Brand: Canon
Model: C300 Mk II
Cancellation Policy: 50% at 1 days notice, 100% at rental day cancellation
Canon C300 Mark II Kit with Batteries, CFAST-Cards and Canon Zoom
€199 per day