Panasonic DVX 200, c/w Shape shoulder mount & HD Small sidefinder

The Panasonic DVx200 continues the legend of the DVx100. This a very user-friendly 4K camera with Panasonic's own gorgeous progressive scan.
The camera comes with a professional Shape shoulder mount, a Small HD Sidefinder with SDI and HDMI connectors which doubles as a hi-res colour viewfinder and a flip-out hi-res monitor, a Sennheiser MKe600 with windsock for excellent onboard audio, an Orca OR-6 camera bag, 2 x Tentacle sync units for use with a separate audio recorder, 3 x 256GB and 1 x 128GB Sandisk extreme pro SD cards with Pelican case providing many hours of shooting, original Panasonic battery, 3 x IDX long-life batteries with an additional tap to power the Sidefinder, (as well as separate mountable batteries for the Sidefinder), all chargers, a quality Manfrotto monopod, and a manual for use in the field.
This whole package is ready to go and is priced very competitively.

Replacement Value: 8050
Brand: Panasonic, Sennheiser, Shape, Small HD, Orca, Tentacle, IDX, Manfrotto
Model: DVx200, MKe600, EOS C300SM, Sidefinder, OR-6, Sync E, SL-VBD96, MVM500A
Cancellation Policy: No fee up to 12 hours before booked rental period begins ,then 50% until time of rental.