Navatics Mito | The Most Stable Underwater Drone

Hover in waves, 4-hours long endurance, dive down to 40m with 2m/s speed, capture stable and clear visual. Take it to water!

In the box:

  • 1 Navatics MITO
  • 1 Waterproof Communication Buoy
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Wireless Remote Controller
  • Chargers and Cables


  • MITO Underwater Robot-Codec: Codec: H.264
  • MITO Underwater Robot-FOV: FOV:120° Diagonal
  • MITO Underwater Robot-Aperture: Aperture: F2.0

Advanced Built-In Stabilization Technology

In-house advanced active stabilization algorithm in a 4-thruster design for depth and tilt guarantees stability and control. It can react to abrupt changes instantly by calculating and sending command signals to the thrusters for automatic stabilization.

45° Adjustable Tilt Lock

Adjustable tilt lock from -45 ° to 45 ° enables it to capture stunning tilted shot while moving forward or backward.

4K Recording/1080P Wireless Streaming

Designed for killer underwater photography and videography. MITO’s 4K camera allows you to experience crystal clear underwater footage, captures vivid lights and colors.

Wireless Communication Buoy

Waterproof Wireless Communication Buoy designed to be the above-water base for information transmission.

500m Radio Frequency Remote Control

Navatics remote control uses radio frequency to connect with the waterproof Wireless Communication Buoy with a range up to 500m/1640ft.

Smart APP, Giving Full Play to MITO's Potential

Gain access to more functions and settings for a more comfortable and precise control.

Pick-up in Berlin (Mitte) or delivery across Europe (delivery costs apply)!

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Replacement Value: 1550
Brand: Navatics
Model: Mito
Cancellation Policy: Full refund 7 days prior to rental, 50% refund if 3 days prior to rental, 25% refund 48 hours before rental and no-refunds from there.