A 134 sq.m Scandi loft split into 3 huge rooms in an old 1905 factory building with arched, brick ceiling, open kitchen and 4 grandiose windows of 2.5m x 2.5m. Bedroom features an antique Moroccan-style wooden door with ornament glass. Space includes a large bathroom, TV and dining areas as well as two bedrooms.The flat is full of plants, hand made macrame pieces and other decorative items. Master bedroom features a colonial style bed with a canopy. Open kitchen is framed with a high bar stand and a brick wall. Studio room with warm fallen leaves coloured walls, canopy bed and decorated with vintage items and art reproductions. Located on the verge of Prenzlauer Berg and Weißensee, 16 minutes from Alexanderplatz in M2 tram

Type: Apartment
Height (in m): 4.0
Available Equipment: TV, WiFi, Kitchen, Kettle, Espresso Machine, bathroom, shower
Cancellation Policy: Full refund of fees for cancellations up to 5 days before the event. 50% refund if you cancel up to 24 hours before the event.
Surface (in m2): 130
Maximum # of people: 10
Space Amenities:
Ground Floor
1st Floor
Street Parking
Private Parking
Studio assistant / crew
Infinity wall
Camera bodies & lenses
Ceiling rail system
Wireless flash triggers
Stereo Sound System
In house postproduction
Make-up area
Dressing room
Clothes rail
Iron & ironing board
Garment steamer
Coffee & tea
Kitchen facilities
Lounge / meeting room
Disabled access
Studio & spaces
Scandi flat with earthy tones, natural materials and sea of light
€90 per hour