The Plant Berlin - Beazy

The Plant Berlin

175 m2 Duplex loft, shooting space 8x8 meter, 5.5 meter ceiling,
Bar, mezzanine, Balcony. Fully equipped.
I can host your event and assist your photography, I have lots of experience in the fashion industry as I previously worked in Paris.
Please note that I am a professional photographer and that I am kindly sharing my creative space.
Consider also that it takes time to set up the studio and clean it, therefore I would not accept bookings under 3 hours.
Thank you.

Type: Photography studio
Height (in m): 6.0
Available Equipment: STUDIO EQUIPMENT LIST + Four Broncolor Pulso asymmetrical packs (allowing fast recycling and flash duration as short as 1/6000s) + Five Broncolor Pulso and Verso Heads 1600 Ws (The classic later model) + Vintage modified Heads (works on Broncolor) from Elinchrom and Multiblitz (including spotlight with Gobo system) + Three Broncolor UL Heads 1500 Ws and lots of reflectors with different shape. + Two Fresnel Desisti 3200 Ws with 650 W modeling lights and barn door + One big flood Fresnel Elinchrom S35 with barn door + Two Calumet sun bounce reflectors 2×1 meter with black/silver/translucent/gold zebra fabric and round reflectors + Two boom type large tripods + One large tripod on wheel + Three autopoles + Four 004 Bac air cushioned Multoblitz tripods + Two strip box 30/120 (two baffles, one grid) + One parabolic beauty dish 100 cm.(silver reflector) plus diffusers + One beauty dish white + One 150 Octabox + One 120 Parabolic Soft Box (two baffles, one grid) + One large 180 silver umbrella with diffuser and ring Flash. + Two Parabolic white diffused umbrellas 100 (fantastic tool, also for video) + Two normal white umbrellas (generally used for high key back ground) + Six superclamps and magic arms, regular clamps + Medium sized white polyform panels, used as reflector + 10 meter of Black molleton + Back drop system with three rolls (fixed) + Back drop system that can be put on tripods with assortment of tubes + Large selection of colored paper 2,75 meter long + 5 radio transmitters, works on most camera model
Cancellation Policy: 30%
Surface (in m2): 100
Maximum # of people: 12
Space Amenities:
Ground Floor
1st Floor
Street Parking
Private Parking
Studio assistant / crew
Infinity wall
Camera bodies & lenses
Ceiling rail system
Wireless flash triggers
Stereo Sound System
In house postproduction
Make-up area
Dressing room
Clothes rail
Iron & ironing board
Garment steamer
Coffee & tea
Kitchen facilities
Lounge / meeting room
Disabled access