On 4th of June (Sunday), we are filming a music video to YFN's track called "Bald Men on the Dancefloor". The video will be a hype-up/teaser for YFN's upcoming show in July. We need as many dancers as possible, preferably ones who understand techno and gabber culture. We plan on only spending 2 hours on shooting so it shouldn't be a demanding day at all. We'll provide pizza and drinks. We'll be striving to create it a fun experience for everyone.


Time on set:

We prefer bald or buzzcut hairstyles. Techno hairstyles are also acceptable. As far, as the clothing goes, adidas (or in that style) jumpsuits/sport clothing and techno clothing is what we are looking for.

Genderprefer_not_to_sayAge18 - 120 yoHeight40 - 240 cm
EyesDress sizeXXXS, XXXXLEthnicity
Hair colorHair typeHair length




Area of expertise