The idea behind this shooting is to create editorial approach shots that are focusing to visualize the brand values and apartment features, amenities & perks, aiming to enforce the "lived-in" look. Selected BG apartment in Paris, has been already booked for Feb 17 and the shooting will be focused on the living and kitchen room of the apartment. We will collaborate with the in house BG photographer who is based in Paris and we are looking for a set up designer to dress these 2 specific areas of the apartment with the existing BG props however the research and the buying/renting of additional props items - according to the detailed props guide that we have created - is mandatory. Date: Feb 17 Location: BG apartment in Paris


Time on set: 7

When: Feb 17, 2023

- Have a strong attention to detail - A knack for research - An ability to track things down - Think/work quickly, and collaborate with the photographer smoothly - Bring props to dress these 2 specific areas of the apartment: Kitchen (ranks, table, kitchen counters, etc.) & Living Room aiming to enforce the "lived-in" look, always based on the brief, moodboard and props guide that we will share - Have an experience in interior set dressing A detailed props guide along with the relevant moodboard will be shared in the next steps

Mood board