I'm renting out my Fujifilm X100V with accessories and a diffusion filter. I'm renting it out by myself as I rely on it as my main photography camera and can't risk handing it over to people I don't know without being present myself until I upgrade to my next camera.

This means you can rent it + me as a behind-the-scenes photographer or a photography assistant for your shoots (such as fashion, lifestyle, street, product photography and more). I know how to get around the camera settings very well and will be a great asset in navigating the menu quickly. And of course, you can use my favourite custom film simulations.

I rent it out at half-day rates. So you can get this package starting at a half-day rate of 300 Euros (these five hours exclude travel time to your shoot). Or you can get a full-day rate of 450 Euros if you think the 5 hours won't cover it.

What's included:
-Fujifilm X100V Black
-Leather X100V case.
-Leather X100V strap.
-Cinebloom 10 percent diffusion filter. (Makes the setup weatherproof)
-UV filter. (Makes the setup weatherproof)
-4x batteries (2 x fuji film and 2x off brand)
-Dual Charger.
-Charging cable
-USB C cable if you don't have one
-64 GB SD card. (Can bring more)
-49mm - 82mm step-up ring (for other filters)
-Lens cap.
-Microfiber cloth.

If you plan on booking please reach out beforehand, so I can check my schedule to make sure I'm not booked on the day you hope to rent my camera and acquire my service.

Replacement Value: 1600
Brand: Fujifilm
Model: X100V Black
Cancellation Policy: No cancelation policy at this moment in time.
Fujifilm X100V + BTS photographer/Photography Assistant
€60 per hour
Minimum rental time is 5 hours