About this item
-HIGH QUALITY SOUND RECORDING: Enjoy clear sound recordings and reduce unwanted noise - this microphone from Sony delivers high-quality, clear voice recordings.

-FLEXIBLE: A 3-in-1 compact microphone with real adaptability. Whether you use it as a camera microphone or for podcast equipment, it is suitable for super-directional communication (interviews or selfie vlogs), unidirectional communication (discussions with multiple participants) and omnidirectional communication (ambient noise or the user's voice).

-Compact and portable: thanks to its compact size, the Shotgun microphone can be easily transported and used anytime and anywhere.

-WIRELESS AND BATTERILESS: The wireless microphone offers a high degree of mobility without battery and cables. Use the microphone for vlogging or content creation and do not worry about the life of the battery on the go.

Replacement Value: 205
Brand: Sony
Model: ECM-B10
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up to 24 hours before. Full rental price will be charged after that.
Sony Shotgun ECM-B10 Compact Wireless Battery-Free Microphone
€8 per day
Minimum rental time is 1 days