I offer here my one-handed gimbal, which can also be operated with two hands with the Dual Handle or the Mini-Dual Handle.
The payload is enormous and even heavier equipment copes with the Crane2 easily (up to 3.2 KG).

The mechanical follow focus can be operated by the control wheel directly on the gimbal, so with a little experience you can also manually pull the focus in gimbal mode (a bit tricky but works).

The battery life is usually over 12 hours but I have taken the precaution of a set of spare batteries to geoackt, so that it can always go on immediately.

Scope of delivery:
1 x Zhiyun Crane2 Gimbal (3.2 KG payload).
1 x tripod
1 x 18650 x3 charger
6 x 18650 lithium-ion battery
2 x Micro to Micro USB cable
1 x Micro to mini USB cable
1 x Panasonic camera control cable
1 x Micro to USB cable
1 x user manual
1 x shoulder strap
1 x Carrying bag
1 x Dual Handle for Crane 2
1 x Zhiyun Mini Dual Handle
1 x Zhiyun Mechanical Follow Focus for Crane 2
1 x Zhiyun Mounting Plate GH5 for Crane 2
1 x Zhiyun mounting ring for accessories 1/4″ thread for Crane 2
1 x Zhiyun Wireless Remote Control for Crane 2

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Replacement Value: 360
Brand: Zhiyun
Model: Crane 2
Cancellation Policy: 2 days
Gimbals and Stabilizers
Zhiyun Crane 2 with Dual Handle & Follow Focus
€20 per day