Leica R Lenses.

Top notch optics, competing in sharpness and definition with modern lenses such as Canon's L series, but in solid metal housings with large focus throws and iris control.

Also! A slightly different look from everything else out there.

Here in a Set the

35mm Summicron F2.0
50mm Summicron F2.0
90mm Summicron F2.0

in their original state with Leica R mount, but with Canon EF Mount Adapter.

I didnt change those lenses with a permanent Leitax mount, bc I enjoy too much using them with my Leica R analog body.

Also they all have a build in Lens hood which comes in pretty handy.

Replacement Value: 2500
Brand: Leica
Model: Leica R Summicron
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation possible up to 1 day before rental date. Cancellation (or no-show) on rental day will be charged full rental price
Leica R Summicron Set / 35mm F2 / 50mm F2 / 90mm F2
€50 per day