Godox VL-150 LED Light (daylight 5600K)

  • Bowensmount
  • CRI96+ coloraccuracy
  • built in fan (starts to kick in at around 50% output, really quiet though)
  • lightouput: 6850 Lux (1m, witout reflector) 60.000 Lux (1m, with reflector) slightly brighter as the aputure 120DII
  • comes in a bag with remote, reflector, barndoors, colorfoils, CTOs
  • comes with power adapter and controllunit, can also be used with V-Mount batterys (not included)

Lightstand not included

Replacement Value: 400
Brand: Godox
Model: VL-150
Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of 100% Full Day Rate will apply if the shoot is cancelled within a 24 hour period from the agreed upon call time. These cancellation times are to be measured by standard business days, excluding weekends and public holidays.
GODOX VL-150 LED Light (Daylight)
€60 per day