Best VR solution when image quality is essential.
VR180 in 3D without stitching lines.
Up to 5.7 K high resolution output at 30 FPS.
Low light capable - ideal for concerts, stage performances and similar.
External Mic via 3.5mm headjack

Power adapter (220 Volt)
2x 128 GB SD cards
LAN to lightning adapter for iPAD controls (can be done via W-Lan as well)

Camera rig
Battery for whole day operation

I can also be booked as an operator and for post production.
Prices on request depending on the project.

Replacement Value: 4500
Brand: Z-Cam
Model: K1 Pro
Cancellation Policy: 3 days in advance
Virtual Reality & New Tech
Cinematic VR Camera - Z-Cam K1 Pro
€240 per day