DJI Osmo Mobile | BUNDLE

SMARTPHONE GIMBAL (DJI Osmo Mobile) plus DJI EXTENSION ROD (980 mm) plus UNIVERSAL COUNTERWEIGHT (for balancing out additional accessories like lenses or filters).

Comes with 4 BATTERIES to ensure non-stop performance plus a set of MINI MAGNETS to override your smartphone’s baked-in image stabiliser, should it work against the gimbal.

Compatible with smartphones with a width between 58.6 and 84.8 mm and a thickness of up to 8.4 mm.

Replacement Value: 614
Brand: DJI; Moondog Labs
Model: DJI Osmo Mobile
Cancellation Policy: Flexible.
Gimbals and Stabilizers
DJI Osmo Mobile BUNDLE | Gimbal + Extension + Counterweight
€25 per day