Lastolite Chroma Key Panoramic Background

This collapsible panoramic green screen is 4 METRES WIDE and 2.3 METRES HIGH. It folds down neatly into its own carrying case and is comfortably transported. Completely self-supporting, and set up in minutes, this background is ideal for QUICK AND EASY ON-THE-MOVE CHROMA KEYING.

As a FREE BONUS, I'll throw in matching matte gaffer: 48 mm for taping down the frame or fabric; 24 mm for eyelines or floor marks.

(Should time allow, I’m also happy to drive this 'round to or pick it up from your shoot.)


Width: 400 cm
Height: 230 cm
In-bag length: 104 cm
In-bag width: 35 cm
In-bag height: 30 cm
Weight in bag: 9 kg

Replacement Value: 508
Brand: Lastolite by Manfrotto
Model: LL LB7622
Cancellation Policy: Flexible.
Green Screens&Back Drops
GREEN SCREEN | Lastolite Chroma Key Panoramic Background (4 m)
€60 per day