Canon 5D4 in perfect condition!

Great, fast, Canon look. Still my fav. stills camera over all the technologically advanced Sony, Panasonic etc...
Even the 4K Video is usuable. Yes its 8 Bit only, but 4:2:2 color rendering already does a great job! And the motion JPG mode is large but almost as fast in Post as ProRes. So whats there not to like? Sony alphas still overheat all the time!

Camera comes with a bunch of batteries (up to 6), charger(s), different camera bags to choose from.

Lenses also available if needed!

Replacement Value: 3000
Brand: Canon
Model: 5D Mk IV
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation possible up to 1 day before rental date. Cancellation (or no-show) on rental day will be charged 50% of the rental price
Canon 5D Mk4, inkl. Batteries, Charger, Bag, etc.
€45 per day