BMPCC 4K with

  • Tilta Tactical Kit with Battery Handgrip and Nucleus Nanu control
  • Direct Power supply with Sony Batteries in the Grip
  • Metabones Canon EF auf MFT T Speed Booster XL 0,64 with Cinelock
  • 2 x SSD 512 GB
  • inkl. 2 Sony 970 Akkus (pretty much enough for all day shooting)
  • Battery charger
  • External screen
  • Sunshade

optional Gear:
Nucleus Nano
Shoulder Rig

Replacement Value: 2750
Brand: Blackmagic
Model: BMPCC 4K
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation possible up to 1 day before rental date. Cancellation (or no-show) on rental day will be charged 50% of the rental price
Blackmagic Pocket 4k Cine Kit / 2x512gb SSD / EF / Tilta
€75 per day