This Set features a Nikon DSLR, a Atomos Ninja 5 Monitor / recorder for capturing 10 Bit 4K N-log Footage and one of the best portable Audio Recorders (Mixpre 3 II) + the famous rode NTG 3 Shotgun mic
all connected in a highly costumizable rig + many extras (see below)

(I also rent a smaller kit and most of the individual components. My list of equpment is growing and additional gear will also be added to this package when available.)

In addition you get a 24-70 mm 4.0 Z Lens,
a FTZ Adapter to mount any modern nikon DSLR lens
and a Sennheiser MKE 400 mic in case you want to use the NTG 3 off camera.

------ Video ---------

The Nikon Z 7 is a 42 Megapixel camera that is able to output a special 10 bit Nlog video signal that can be recorded by the Ninja V.
This signal has a dynamic range of 12 stops, so it allows you to capture a much broader range of light and shadow without clipping
and lets you decide colour and contrast in post production. This is what allows you to develope your material in a cinematic style.

The Ninja also features advaced colour meters like parade, vetoscope, focus peaking, costum LUTs.
If you dont know what that means, I can give you a short webinar introduction in advance.

It is also able to record propper timecode when used with the Nikon Z 7.

------------ Rig -----------

The rig features a Camera cage with 1/4 " and 3/8 " holes to adapt additional gear as well as Nator Rails and several Arri type holes.
It comes with 2 costumisable handles, a magicarm to mount the Ninja 5 and a set of screws.

----------- Sound ----------
The Sound Devices Mixpre 3 II is one of the best portable Audio recorders, offering 32 bit floating point sound for up to 3 XLR mics.
It has a dynamic of 142 dB which is more than ever occurs on earth.
Its attached to the camera bottom for convenience but can also be used independently.

The NTG 3 is one of the most widely used Shotgun mic, with a extremely low selfnoise and a high crystal clear sound output. Its angle is a bit wider than traditional shotgun mics which makes it ideal for dynamic situations where the position of actors or subjects is not entirely predictable. Best operated with a boom. (not included)


2 Batterys for the Ninja 5 (5200 mAh),
3 Batterys for the Nikon Z7
Charger for the Nikon Z 2
500 MB SSD Drive in a Caddy for the Ninja 5
SunShield for the Ninja 5
2x 4 AAA Batteries for the Mixpre 3 II
AC Adapter for the Mixpre 3 II
Solid Transportation Tube for the NTG 3
AC Adpater for the Ninja 5

A bag or bagpack

----------- support ----------
If you are unfamiliar with the package, I offer a 15 minute webinar crashcourse if you book more than 3 days in advance,
and have a free timeframe outside my working hours.

Replacement Value: 5600
Brand: Nikon, Atomos, SoundDevices, Rode, Sennheiser
Model: Z 7, Ninja V, Mixpre 3 II, NTG-3, MKE 400
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 2 days or more in advance of the rental day will recieve a 100 % refund. Cancellations made 1 days in advance of the rental day will recieve a 70 % refund. Cancellations on the same day as the rental day will recieve a 40 % refund.
Nikon Z 7 - Large Film Kit with recorder and Audio kit
€200 per day