The Mixpre 3 II is a portable audiorecorder or studio interface.

3 XLR inputs
AUX and mic input
several USB inputs and outputs.

Its small enough to fit under a DSLR with a 1/4" screw included. The frame is very solid.

3 ultra lownoise (only -130dBV) "kashmir" preamps provide a highresolution sound with a astounding dynamic of 142 dB,
which is more than one usually encounters on planet earth.

It´s also one of the first portable recorders to support full 32 bit float recording, a recording mode in which clipping problems are impossible.
It records up to 192 Khz.

On the software side it features a normal and advanced mode.
The normal mode allows very fast interaction with just a few turns on the nobs you are ready to go.
The advanced mode allows individual routing of sound from various inputs to the various outputs like line, USB etc.
and recording a mix of the chanells with independent soundlevels.

In a studio mode, different sound sources or a LR Mix can thus be routed to a monitor speaker, a headphone or a DAW through USB channels.
It records on SD card and through USB port, and can automatically create backup copys to a connected USB Stick.

--------- Service ----------------------

2 SD cards of 32 GB are included, as well as 2 packs of AA Batteries and the original USB Power plug and USB C connection cable.
I offer free 10 minutes introduction webinars if you book the item more than 3 days in advance and we find a common timeslot
and can preconfigure the item to your needs.

------- Additional Gear -----------

For film work I recommend using it with a NTG 3, which I also offer for rent. For listening purposes, I also offer a Sennheiser HD 25 Headphone.

Replacement Value: 850
Brand: SoundDevices
Model: Mixpre 3 II
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 2 days or more in advance of the rental day will recieve a 100 % refund. Cancellations made 1 days in advance of the rental day will recieve a 70 % refund. Cancellations on the same day as the rental day will recieve a 40 % refund.
Portable Recorders
Sound Devices Mixpre 3 II - 32 Bit float recorder
€40 per day