One of the best and most often used film Microphones.

A very clean linear sound and high Output level allows to capture even subtle details with high clarity.
Dynamic range: 117 Db
SelfNoise: 13 dbA

The Microphone is a Hyper Kidney, capturing a narrow angle of sound, but a bit broader than older Shotgon Microphones to account for more dynamic Filmmaking nowadays.
Ideal Mic to be used with a boom, or in interview situations.

Input Type: XLR
needs Phantom power.
comes with a small wind shield, a extremely solid tube for transportation and a 5 Meter Rode XLR Cable.

I recommend using it with the MixPre 3 II field recorder, which I also rent.

Replacement Value: 570
Brand: Rode
Model: NTG-3
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 2 days or more in advance of the rental day will recieve a 100 % refund. Cancellations made 1 day in advance of the rental day will recieve a 70 % refund. Cancellations on the same day as the rental day will recieve a 40 % refund.
Rode NTG 3 - Kondensator Shotgun Microphone for Film
€17 per day