The Rolleiflex 6008 Professional is a medium format SLR system camera. it cames with three lenses 2 120-magazines + 2 batteries + battery charger

The Rollei 6008 represents a milestone. Combining solid engineering, old ideas from the 35mm world and dozens of elegant and simple original ideas, Rollei built a machine that facilitates creativity and a high percentage of useable shots.
The 6008 is a 6×6 cm. The camera is a box containing a mirror, motor drive, xmeter, some controls and displays and a microcomputer. Lenses, film magazines and viewfinders are interchangeable. Each lens contains a leaf shutter and diaphragm electronically controlled from the camera body. (K. Rockwell)

Format : 6x6 or 4.5x6 on 120 or 220 film types, depending on exchangeable film magazine used.
Dimensions WxDxH: 143 x 124 x 139 mm (without lens)
Weight: 1450 grams (without lens)


Distagon f = 4 50 mm with HFT coating, PQ lens
Planar f = 2.8 80mm with HFT coating
Sonnar f = 1: 5,6. 250 mm with HFT coating

2 120 film-magazines (= 2 x 12 exposures)
2 newly refurbished batteries plus charger
2 view finders (waist viewfinder, prism viewfinder)

Replacement Value: 3500
Brand: Rolleiflex
Model: 6008 professional SRC 1000
Cancellation Policy: I'll refund you 100% of the cost if canceled 2 days before.
Rolleiflex 6008 professional+3 lenses, medium format film camera
€55 per day