The Wimberley MH-100 MonoGimbal Head allows you to balance your lens over your monopod, preventing lens flop. The result is a hand-held experience with the added stability of a monopod.

The MH-100 brings the functions of a full-sized gimbal head to your monopod with a fraction of the weight and bulk. Its unique design allows you to balance the center of gravity of your lens and camera over the monopod, preventing the lens from flopping forwards or backwards, while maintaining the full range of fluid movement.

The tilt knob can be tightened to lock the lens in position, or loosened slightly to allow movement with enough resistance to prevent lens flop. The knob is easily handled, even while wearing gloves.

The MH-100 is constructed from solid aluminium and steel, so its only weight limitation is the strength of the monopod.

The MH-100 can be mounted directly on a 3/8"-16 threaded stud or can also mount securely on an Arca-Swiss style quick release receiver clamp.

Compatible with Arca-Swiss style quick release plates, long lens plates, or lens replacement feet.


  • weight: 347 g
  • weight capacity: 45 kg
  • dimensions: 8,6 cm H x 6,4 cm W x 11,2 cm L

Note: The MH-100 has a built-in Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp. In order to use the head, your lens must be equipped with an Arca-Swiss style lens plate. The lens must have a rotation collar in order to quickly switch from vertical to horizontal.

Replacement Value: 260
Brand: Wimberley, Inc.
Model: Wimberley MH-100
Cancellation Policy: Flexible.
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Wimberley MH-100 | MonoGimbal Head
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