I am renting out my neon light tubes which were custom made by a neon sign maker. Each tube is made of clear glass and contains neon gas which glows a mesmerizing red. My iPhone 6 photos don't do it justice how beautiful the light is. They make a great accent light or set decor - even having them in frame in your photo or video portraits. I have additional neon tubes which I can wire to the same power transformer if you want to create a light installation (additional tubes cost extra). Comes with a dimmer.

Tube Length: ca. 140cm per tube.

Weight: exact unknown but very lightweight so it can be easily mounted or hung up using fishing wire/string.

Color: RED (natural color of neon gas).

IMPORTANT: the tubes do not come with a special rigging mount or stand or housing. I recommend using string/rope/fishing wire to hang them as you want. They are sturdy but still require careful handling.

Contact me via PM - I'm happy to answer any questions :)

Replacement Value: 225
Neon Light Tubes (REAL NEON GAS)
€25 per day