A great versatile combination for all situations!

The 190 series is the most compact ergonomic and lightweight 190 in the range. It has an extremely fast-operating twist lock mechanism.
This model offers portability and versatile stability settings together with the 290 series head I offer with it!

This Head has Independent control on 3 axes to reach great framing precision! It also has an unique mechanism of foldable handles when not in use.
Leveling bubble for ease framing
Quick release for easy and completely safe set up

Replacement Value: 250
Brand: Manfrotto
Model: Manfrotto 190 + Head 293 Adapto 3 way (MH293D3-Q2)
Manfrotto 190 TRIPOD + 293 Adapto 3 way HEAD (MH293D3-Q2)
€15 per day