Walimax Daylight 250 with Softbox 40 x 60 cm - daily rate

Softbox 40x60 cm generates bright, white daylight (color temperature ca. 5400K).

50W daylight spiral lamp (comparable to 250W light bulb).

Includes: Walimex Pro Daylight 250 with soft box (40 x 60cm), 1 x 50W spiral lamp, front diffusor, bag, Walimex Pro FT-8051 light stand (max. height 260 cm, spring suspension) with bag.

Practical lighting solution for photography and video, particularly for portraits and interviews.

I have two lamps with stands available. Book both together and save (€25/day or €125/week). See my extra listing: https://app.beazy.co/en/listings/690338-2-x-walimex-daylight-250-with-softbox-40-x-60-cm

Weekly rentals (7 days for the price of 5) are also available for €75. Please see separate listing: https://app.beazy.co/en/listings/690175-walimex-daylight-250-with-softbox-40-x-60-cm

Replacement Value: 80
Brand: Walimex
Model: Daylight 250 with Softbox 40 x 60 cm
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up until 24 hours before the rental period. Afterwards full fee charged.