Arri Alexa Plus Package with HighSpeed and Anamorphic License
-Media Included
-V-Mount or Anton Bauer (Batteries extra)
-EF or PL mount (Must Request)

ARRI ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder
Arriflex BP-13 Bridge Plate 15mm
Arriflex BP-12 Bridge Plate
Dovetail Plate 12”
ARRI ALEXA Shoulder Pad
ARRI ALEXA Bridge Plate Adapter
ARRI ALEXA Leveling Block
ARRI ALEXA Wedge Adapter
Arri ALEXA Steadicam Low Mode Bracket
Anton/Bauer Gold Mount Quad PT sandwich plate
ALEXA Plus Antenna
A&J Case
SBAC US10 SxS Memory Card Reader
Power Supply For SBAC US10 SxS Reader
** Cables **
2 x ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder Cable 1ft
2 x ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder Cable 2ft
ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder Cable 6ft
2 Pin Fischer to XLR3M 24V Arri Power Cable
ALEXA Ethernet Cable
5 Pin XLRM to 2 x 3 Pin XLRF Stereo Input Y Cable
SBAC US10 AC Cable
USB A to Mini B Cable
** Media **
10 x SxS Pro 32GB Memory Card
5 x SxS Pro 64GB Memory Card

Replacement Value: 15000
Brand: Arri
Model: Alexa Plus
Arri Alexa Plus
€300 per day