The new Zoom H4n Pro is the ideal 4-track recording solution for music, film, podcasting and more. The H4n Pro combines all the professional features that users already appreciated from the predecessor models and takes them to a new level. Above all, the internal X / Y microphones and the corresponding preamps were significantly improved, so that everything is possible by a noise floor of -120 dBu with a simultaneous peak level of 140 dBSPL, regardless of whether you want to record an airplane or the wing beat of a hummingbird.

The Zoom H4n Pro still records on SD or SDHC cards up to max. 32 GB. Resolutions up to 24bit / 96kHz are possible. Thanks to the integrated USB interface, the Zoom H4n Pro can also be used as an audio interface for PC or Mac. Especially for guitarists, the integrated multi-effects from the G5n are interesting.

The housing of the Zoom H4n Pro has been re-gummed and ergonomically shaped so that the recorder fits comfortably in the hand. The package also includes a transparent transport box so that the Zoom H4n can survive any journey.

Replacement Value: 200
Brand: Zoom
Model: H4N Pro
Portable Recorders
H4n Pro Zoom Record (incl. batteries)
€20 per day