Studio Set - Beazy

Studio Set

The photo studio is located on the 1.floor floor of the 2nd backyard and is equipped with large windows, a separate entrance, private toilets and a kitchenette, etc. The studio is located on the first floor of the 2nd backyard.

The central location at Hermannplatz allows spontaneous shopping in the Bauhaus, Karstadt, Conrad and makes it easily accessible for the whole team.

min. 4h booking

Type: Photography studio
Height (in m): 3.5
Available Equipment: 2 Broncolor Siros 800S WiFi / RFS 2.1 flash lamp 2 reflectors Broncolor Normal P65 2 Broncolor Set P65, P45 and PAR 2 softboxes Broncolor 120x180 + adapter ring 2 Manfrotto Heavy Duty AC lamp stands 1 transmitter Broncolor RFS 2.1 1 Broncolor synchro cable 2 textile diffuser for P-Soft 1 brightener oval 100cm white silver gold 1 generator Broncolor Scoro S 1600 RFS 2.1 asymmetrical 2 flash lamps Broncolor Pulso G 1600 J incl. 1 reflector Broncolor Para 220 FB set 1 Broncolor ring flash C 1 lamp tripod Manfrotto Para XXL AC (on castors)
Cancellation Policy: Stornierungen sind bis zwei Wochen vor Mietbeginn kostenlos. Im Zeitraum von zwei Wochen bis 48 Stunden vor Mietbeginn betragen die Stornokosten 50% der vereinbarten Miete. Bei weniger als 48 Stunden ist die volle Miete zu entrichten.
Surface (in m2): 85
Maximum # of people: 10
Space Amenities:
Ground Floor
1st Floor
Street Parking
Private Parking
Studio assistant / crew
Infinity wall
Camera bodies & lenses
Ceiling rail system
Wireless flash triggers
Stereo Sound System
In house postproduction
Make-up area
Dressing room
Clothes rail
Iron & ironing board
Garment steamer
Coffee & tea
Kitchen facilities
Lounge / meeting room
Disabled access