The Plant Berlin - Beazy

The Plant Berlin

165 m2 Duplex loft, shooting space 8x8 meter, 5.5 meter ceiling,
Bar, mezzanine, Balcony. Fully Broncolor equipped with parabolic modifiers, fresnel, strip boxes, reflectors, beauty dish, retouching station, scanning stations and lots of special equipment.
On special request you can shoot with the latest generation Hasselblad film cameras or large format cameras.
I can host your event and help you build your photography, I have lots of experience in the industry and assisted photographers like Frank Lassak. Please note that I am a professional photographer and that I am kindly sharing my creative space. Consider also that it takes time to set up the studio and clean it, therefore I would rather have bookings of 3 hours minimum. Thank you.

Type: Photography studio